Sundance Vacations Promotional Trip

We know exactly what it takes to deliver an exceptional vacation experience. We’ve been helping people plan their perfect vacations for nearly 3 decades! If you don’t already know us, check out what others are saying about their trips or watch our brief video about our promotional trips.

Our mission is to convert every person we meet into a traveler, so we change up our advertising offers and samples all the time to attract new potential clients. Our current offer is a:

1 Week Resort Vacation
(Up to $1,800 value):

As our special invited guest, you will receive 7 nights resort accommodations for 2 to 6 People (dependent on location) at one of over 3,000 resorts. Interested in your dream vacation to the Caribbean, Mexico, or a family trip to see the famous Mouse in Florida? We have the right destination for you! Not a beach bum? Try a colonial adventure in Williamsburg, Va. or pick a mountain excursion in Tennessee.

We have destinations around the world which will have you switching from socks to sandals! The bottom line is we’ll have a vacation destination just for you!

Your trip includes 7 nights resort accommodations at one of the thousands of resorts across the world and some close to home too! You can preview the destinations via this link. Click on promotional getaways button to preview resorts. You'll get HUGE savings and we get the opportunity to meet a potential new traveler.

All you need to do to book your trip is to select your destination, pick the dates that work for you, and pay a Travel Agency Booking fee as low as a $100! Super Simple! 

And, as an added bonus, you may receive 2 Event Tickets or other qualifying bonuses at the time of booking!

The fine print. This gift is for the accommodations only. You'll still need to arrange travel to your destination and dining/activities while you're there. With all the money you're saving on your stay, that should be easy peasy!

  • We use an electronic certificate registration so that travelers can make a reservation by just paying a Travel Agency Booking fee as low as $100. 
  • Travelers can preview all of the destinations currently available. Availability changes every day as destinations are booked and new dates are added.
  • Our mission is for you to TRAVEL now. No procrastinating. Your health depends on it. Don’t believe us? Check out this article of the positive effects of travel on your health. Sorry, we digressed. No procrastinating means that you have to travel before the certificate expires in 365 days. Come on- that’s plenty generous for a company that truly believes that calling off work and packing your suitcase for next week is the absolute best option.
  • We already told you meals are not included. So, all-inclusive destinations that include ALL you can eat and drink, can be booked for an additional fee.
  • All confirmations are final at the time of booking.
  • We’re sorry, you can’t sell this to pay your rent! This certificate is for you to travel! Although, certificate(s) may be transferred as a gift, before you register it in your name. Offer void where prohibited by law.
  • Hundreds of destinations are available at $100 and upgrades are available for fancy pants’! You know who you are.

Want to see if you would qualify for this promotional offer?  Click here to find out: "Would I Qualify for this Trip?"   Will our promotional trip be your first time out of the country? No worries! Check out our 10 International Travel Tips for First-Timers!   See where you could go on the Sundance Vacations YouTube Channel.   Have you already visited our Sundance Vacations office and are eager to redeem your complimentary trip? Check out our News site: "Sundance Vacations- Promotional Certificate."