Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona

An amazing destination in America's Southwest, Phoenix is rich in culture and a great place for sightseeing and hiking!


Known for its year-round sun and warm temperatures Phoenix is rich in culture and a great place for sightseeing and hiking!

Things to Do in Phoenix, Arizona

  • The Grand Canyon -
    Although the Grand Canyon is just about three hours from Phoenix, Arizona, it really is a must-see for all travelers.  This amazing natural wonder has been a major tourist attraction for years.  Travelers can take hiking, helicopter or even horseback tours to check out all the area has to offer.  This is certainly worth making a day trip out of.  For more information check out the Grand Canyon National Park website.  
  • Botanical Gardens -
    The Desert Botanical Garden is an Arizona “hot” spot which allows visitors the chance to see some desert foliage.  From prickly cacti to beautiful wild flowers, explore the gardens through flashlight tours and more.  There’s also the Japanese Friendship Garden, where you can enjoy a tea ceremony while you enjoy the falls and ponds.
  • Horseback Riding-
    Western Destinations Canyon Creek Ranch offers some of Arizona’s Best Horseback Riding Adventures.  For over 18 years they have been giving tours to children seven-years and up and adults of all ages.  A dedicated wrangler will lead you through the Old West Town of Coldwater and show you the ride of your life!
  • Hiking -
    Only 20 minutes out of downtown Phoenix, Camelback Mountain is made of beautiful sandstone and a popular location for recreation.  Hikers and bikers often flock to the Echo Canyon Recreation Area and the various trails that surround it.  Think you can make it to the top?  The summit of Camelback Mountain is 2,704 feet above sea level.
  • Museums -
    With over three stories of educational fun and activities, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix offers hands-on experience for kids.  From infants to children up to 10-years old, the museum encourages children to be inquisitive.  They have an art studio where kids can paint, build a block workshop, ball room where children watch the ball drop, trigger, bump and move through an obstacle course and much more.  There’s also the Musical Instrument Museum, where over 6,000 instruments from around the world call home!  Kids can play with instruments at the world’s only global musical instrument museum!
  • Zoos -
    The Phoenix Zoo has many animal encounters such as their Monkey Village, Red Barn full of goats, horses, cows, Giraffe Encounter, Stingray Bay and Camel Rides.  There’s also a lagoon to play in the water or the Enchanted Forest, which is a giant tree house!  With over 1,400 animals and a number of fun outdoor activities, the zoo is sure to keep you busy!
What to Pack

It’s often sunny and hot in Arizona during the summer, which means packing light should be easy for your Sundance Vacations trip.  Light-weight clothes that don’t hold moisture work best.  If you are going to be hiking, don’t forget to pack secure footwear like boots.  Because of the heat even the sidewalks can be smoking hot, so be mindful of flip-flops.  Many travelers even bring hats as well as their sunglasses for the sun, oh and don't forget the sunblock too!  According to many travelers, bug spray isn’t as important.  If you’ll be swimming remember your suit and if you’re going in the winter, be mindful that the average low can drop into the 40s, so pack some sweaters and protection against the cold accordingly.  For more packing hacks, check out our Sundance Vacations Packing Tips video.


There are a couple of different options for transportation in Arizona for our travelers.  There are shuttle services that will take you from Phoenix to Sedona or even to the Grand Canyon.  Travelers may also take advantage of train rides or buses that run through Phoenix.  More unique ways of traveling could be via air tour or jeep tour, but a lot of travelers will simply drive.  If renting a car is something you’re thinking about doing, check out this article on the Sundance Vacations Travel Blog, “Ten Tips for Saving Money on Rental Cars”

Notable Navigation

Transportation to Destination

  • Drive to Scottsdale
  • Drive to Mesa
  • Drive to Tuscon
  • Drive to Sedona
  • Drive to Flagstaff
  • Drive to the Grand Canyon

Amount of Time

  • 17 Minutes
  • 22 Minutes
  • 1 Hour 45 Minutes
  • 2 Hours
  • 2 hours 15 Minutes
  • Day Trip
Fun Facts
  1. Cutting down an endangered cactus could land you one year in prison!
  2. It can take up to 100 years for a Saguaro cactus to grow near this Sundance Vacations destination.
  3. The Native American tribe of Havasupai Indians actually live within the Grand Canyon in a village located near Havasu Creek.
  4. The bands Jimmy Eats World and the Gin Blossoms are from Arizona.
  5. The best preserved meteor crater in the world is in Winslow, Arizona.