Florida East Coast

Florida East Coast

Experience all the amazing things the East Side of the Florida Coast has to offer!

Florida East Coast WEATHER

Experience all the amazing things the East Side of the Florida Coast has to offer! From Daytona Beach to Port St. Lucie, there are plenty of activities and places to have you feeling relaxed as well as a host of other options that will keep you plenty busy on your vacation!

Featured Destinations

Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Things to Do on the Eastern Coast of Florida

  • Ponce de Leon Lighthouse -
    If you're at Daytona Beach, the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse is a must-stop! This 175-foot, fully-functioning lighthouse leads to a beautiful view up its 203 steps. There's a small gift shop and a museum to learn more about the history of this towering giant.
  • Baseball -
    Soothe your sports craving while away by visiting Tradition Field, the home of the New York Mets during their spring training. This stadium in Port St. Lucie, Florida holds daily and special events such as baseball bingo, ladies night, fireworks, concerts and more. Love baseball? Check out these properties to plan your trip around the best stadiums on Sundance Vacations Blog.
  • Daytona Speedway -
    This speedway is home of the DAYTONA 500, one of the most well-known races in all of auto racing. The Daytona International Speedway holds motor-sports events such as stock car, sports car, motorcycle and go-kart races. Sign up for a tour to get up close and personal with the track to see where the great champions claimed victory.
  • Kayaking -
    Kayaks And Stuff is a great place for beginners or people of any skill-level. Paddle along while learning about the local ecosystem and history of Port Saint Lucie from your guide. They also offer rescue classes in their pool to learn how to do assisted and self rescues. Be sure to check out their moonlight paddle!
  • Beach -
    Duh! If you're in Daytona, of course the beach is a must-see. With over 23-miles of white sand and a lively boardwalk, there's sure to be something to do on the beach. Vehicles are allowed to drive on the sand during daylight hours and you can have fun playing at just about any water sport you could imagine.
  • Botanical Gardens -
    The Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens is a great stop even in the winter. There are orchids growing and butterflies fluttering; a nice stop for an hour stroll. They also offer children's programs for fun activities like decorating pots and other crafts. This relatively new garden is constantly making improvements and developing!
What to Pack

The air is usually humid in Florida because of how close it is to the water. Travelers often wear sweat-wringing clothes to combat the humidity. If you wear contacts, bring an extra pair if you're wearing them while in the ocean; salt water can corrode the lenses. Remember sunblock and your sunglasses. Plan out your activities beforehand to know what sports gear to bring. Don't forget to stay hydrated, pick up a case of water bottles before your trip so you can grab and go and save a couple bucks here and there buying drinks from vendors. Be sure to capture the highlights of your trip! See how you could win a GoPro camera from us on our Sundance Vacations News site. Can't make it all fit in your suitcase? Watch our Sundance Vacations Packing Tips video!

Special Events



  • Commercial Success in Florida


  • Granada Grand Festival of the Arts
  • Wine & Food Festival




  • Uncle Sam's Hippie Festival

Our properties are in Daytona Beach and Port St. Lucie Florida, which are a little over two hours apart from each other. Daytona Beach offers public transportation for visitors such as their trolleys and buses. The VOTRAN trolley runs along Atlantic Avenue and is only $3 for unlimited use during 24 hours. The bus is the same price and even offers bike racks to mount your bikes. In Port St. Lucie there are several fixed bus routes through Treasure Coast Connector. If you are thinking about renting a car for your trip, see how you could save on your rental on the Sundance Vacations Blog!

Notable Navigation

Transportation to Destination

  • Jensen Beach from Port St. Lucie
  • Palm Coast from Daytona Beach
  • Fort Pierce from Port St. Lucie
  • Titusville from Daytona Beach
  • Orlando from Daytona Beach
  • Palm Bay from Port St. Lucie
  • Port St. Lucie from Daytona Beach

Amount of Time

  • 18 Minutes
  • 36 Minutes
  • 37 Minutes
  • 52 Minutes
  • 56 Minutes
  • 59 Minutes
  • 2 Hours 18 Minutes
Fun Facts
  1. Manatees visit Daytona Beach's river and canals during the summer months. 
  2. St. Lucie County has over 11,000 acres of parks and preserves.  They also have over 21 miles of beaches!
  3. Little do most people know that pineapple farming was St. Lucie County's largest agriculture industry back in the 1800s. 
  4. Gatorade was named after the University of Florida Gators where the drink was developed.