Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Visit the amazing tropical paradise of Costa Rica!


Costa Rica is known as the most visited nation in the Central American region. The country is has an intense array environmental attractions, such as volcanoes, misty clouded forests, stunning river valleys, and hundreds of beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. 

Things to Do in Costa Rica

  • The Beach -
    Two of our Sundance Vacations' properties in Costa Rica are located right on the Pacific Coastline, making both of them great destinations for our beach-loving travelers.  Grab some rays on the sand, dive into the water, surf and more!
  • Sightseeing Tours -
    There are a number of ways for travelers to see everything that Costa Rica has to offer.  From hiking in the mountains to taking a boat out on the ocean and horseback tours to 4WD/ATV tours, you can be sure you'll get to see a little bit of everything.  Travelers can also find local Scuba tours that allow you to see the underwater version of Costa Rica.
  • Fishing-
    If you or any of your travel companions are avid fishermen, Costa Rica can be a great destination to stratify their thirst for casting a line.  Anglers can expect to catch Sailfish, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Snappers and more when they are deep-sea fishing off the shores of Costa Rica.
  • Casinos -
    Should a traveler get tired of the sun and sand, they can always head inside to one of Costa Rica's many casinos.  If gaming is something you like to do, there are many small, but fun casinos near our properties, many of which are attached to resorts that offer other attractions like spas and restaurants.
  • African Safari Adventure Park -
    Located just a few miles outside of Liberia, the African Safari Adventure Park is listed as one of the top things to do in the area.  Travelers can take a guided safari tour and see some rather exotic animals.  Other than the animals, visitors can also take a waterfall tour or an ATV tour of the area, making for a great and memorable way to spend half of your day.  Check out the Adventure Park's website for more information: "African Safari Adventure Park"
  • Relax - 
    What else is there to do in this amazing tropical paradise?  Relax!  There's a great quote that says, "A vacation means you have nothing to do, and all day to do it!"
Where to eat
What to Pack

Central America is a wonderfully warm destination where you won't have to worry about temperatures much colder than 60 degrees.  With highs in the 80s all-year round and lows that hover around 70 degrees, travelers should not be worried with coats or heavy clothes.  A sweat shirt and long pants are recommended in case you decided to take a boat ride or stay out later into the night, but for the most part summer attire reigns supreme here.  So leave the wool socks and boots behind and break out the shorts and sandals!  Travelers may also want to include sun screen, hats, sun glasses and swimsuits on their list of things to pack.

Special Events



  • Sun Festival

Central America is an area where tourists frequent, thus there are a number of options for you to get around.  Travelers can rent a car, take a domestic flight if need be and even use local shuttle services.  Travel by bus is available and recommend as the driving can get a bit hairy in this country, think lots of pot holes, tricky roads and not a lot of signage.  Should you decide to rent a car, and want to save some money on it, check out this article on our Sundance Vacations Travel Blog, "Ten Tips for Saving Money on Rental Cars"

Notable Navigation

Transportation to Destination

  • Drive to Liberia from Condominium Pacifico
  • Drive to Liberia from Morgans Cove
  • Drive to San Jose from Morgans Cove
  • Distance between Condominium Pacifico and Morgans Cove

Amount of Time

  • 41 Minutes
  • 3 Hours
  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes
  • 137 Miles or 4 Hours
Fun Facts
  1. Costa Ricans call themselves Ticos and Ticas.
  2. More than 25% of Costa Rica is considered protected national parks and refuges.
  3. Costa Rica is the longest-standing democracy in Central America.
  4. The country has 800 miles of coastline on both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  5. Costa Rica is just slightly smaller than Lake Michigan.
  6. Every Coasta Rican radio station plays the national anthem every morning at 7 a.m.
  7. The country is home to over 52 species of Hummingbirds.