Thank you for inquiring about our exciting and easy Fund-raising “Fun Bucks” campaign. The Fund-raising “Fun Bucks” Toolkit can help you to get started raising funds right away for your organization with absolutely no out of pocket cost to your organization, its’ participants or any of your sponsors. There is no need for participants to sell anything! And, there is no need to collect monetary donations from others. All you will need to do is to spend some of your time inviting your sponsors as guests to visit our office for a preview of our company.

The Fund-raising “Fun Bucks” program has something for everyone.

  • The organization will earn $100 for every qualified customer who attends a fun presentation at Sundance Vacations.
  • The participant will earn valuable prizes such as gift cards, event tickets, electronics, sports equipment, and even a vacation for four to Disney World!
  • The guest who attends the presentation will receive a $20 gas certificate.
  • Sundance Vacations gets the opportunity to meet many new potential travelers.

    The organization needs to contact Sundance Vacations and sign up for a one-month fund-raising campaign. Participants will ask family, friends, and neighbors to attend a brief multimedia presentation and discussion at our office. Guests who qualify will receive a gift for attending. To be considered a qualified guest, the person must attend the presentation during the scheduled campaign time period, be over the age of 21, have an annual income of $35,000 or greater, and if married, attend with their spouse or significant other. Guests will be asked to present the Fund-raising “Fun Bucks” Customer Form which includes the participants name as well as two forms of ID to Sundance Vacations. The forms will be collected and tabulated for each participant to earn awesome awards. Results will be reported. Participants may choose their gift. Gifts may be picked up at our office or may be delivered directly to your organization for distribution.

    At the end of each week during the one-month campaign, the organization will also be paid $100 for each qualified quest. If just 100 family members or friends of the organization participate, the organization can raise $10,000!

    If you have any further questions about the Sundance Vacations’ Fundraising “Fun Bucks” program, please don’t hesitate to call 800-220-9400.